Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Reality? It doesn’t have to be so hard.

What does it mean to ‘reinvent’ yourself?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘reinvent’ means ‘to produce something new that is based on something that already exists’. For example, the story of Romeo and Juliet was reinvented as a Los Angeles gangster movie.

To ‘reinvent yourself’ may mean ‘to change your job and/or the way you look and behave so that you seem very different’. For example an accountant may reinvent herself as a nutritionist or coach, possibly training at night or on weekends until qualified. Or someone may drop several dress sizes, attract their soul mate or finally reach their dream of having a baby to reach their goals and dreams.

But I don’t believe reinvention is about becoming someone else or necessarily doing something else. I feel it’s about letting go of who you no longer are and becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Every day we get a chance to reinvent ourselves. You get to choose.

Here are my 6 Steps to Reinvent Your Reality-:

  1. Get aware. You know something isn’t right. Journal for an hour about what’s not working in your life. Do a complete brain dump and get it all out of your head onto paper.
  2. Get messy. You have my permission to completely fall apart and stop trying to be so freaking perfect. Start to be very truthful with yourself and take an honest look at what isn’t feeling right in your life.
  3. Get clarity. It’s time to work out what you want. This can be the hardest part for many. If I had a magic wand  (I do) and we were speaking this day next year, what would you LOVE to be telling me? If there was no fear of failure, if you stopped worrying what other people think, if you stopped stopping yourself constantly, what would you be telling me?
  4. Get past the fear. This is the bit where most people stop. Fear never completely goes away but it does get easier to manage as you build your toolkit with skills on how to handle it. If we let fear stop us then we’ll never stretch ourselves and never get the reinvention we crave.
  5. Get a plan. Your prescription for your dreams is important. A step by step strategy is a must so you simply can’t fail. All you have to do is know when you have to when.
  6. Get working your plan. Reinvention happens.

If you’d like to talk about your own personal reinvention, whether it’s a new career, business or body you’re looking for, please email me at with ‘Reinvent’ in the subject line.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job Too Soon!

Are Your Ready to Drop the Drama in Your Business & Life?

The latest ‘One Minute Message’ video is ready for you and it’s called ‘Drop the Drama’. Many of us are addicted to drama in our lives and it becomes like our very own Soap Opera. It creates so many problems, destroys our productivity and robs us of joy.
If you want to become unstoppable in your business and life, then it’s time to drop the drama. I suggest you walk around for the next day and continuously say ‘I release the need for drama in my life’ and see what happens. Many of my clients have found it life changing, feeling much calmer and able to then recognise when drama appears.
This may sound harsh but just do this & let me know what happens.
If you would like to speak to me about some coaching to help you to drop the drama in your life, please email me at with ‘coaching’ in the subject line and I will get back to you soon.

Plug Your Leaky Holes for a Better Business, Body & Bank Balance!

Is it time to plug your leaky holes?

I’m Sarah Leather from, and the topic for this week is plugging your leaky holes to have a much better business, body, and bank balance.

Now, imagine you’re standing in the garden and you’re holding a big old plastic bucket. You go over to the tap, and you look down and see that the bucket’s got a few little holes, and the bottom of the bucket is looking a bit thin. You turn on the garden tap and water starts pouring into the bucket. At first you turn on the tap just a little bit and the water starts dripping out. It’s dripping out onto your feet; you can feel it getting wet and drippy there. Then you decide, “Oh, this is going to take all day with these holes in the bottom, so I’ll turn the tap up full bore.”

And what happens to the water dripping out? What happens when there’s more pressure? When there’s more of it coming in, there’s more of it going out. The holes just get bigger, and it all spurts out. Just imagine that bucket is holding your time, your energy, and your money. That is what happens in our life. The more that goes in, the more comes out when you have leaky holes.

Where are your leaky holes in your time, your energy, and your money? Where are you creating leaks in your body, your bank accounts, and all of your goals?

Is it that you don’t keep an eye on your money? Have you got leaky holes around checking bank statements, not paying bills on time, getting charged overdraft fees, being charged credit card fees and late payment fees? Those are all leaky holes.

Is it that you’ve got kids? Kids can be a lovely version of leaky holes. I’ve got a few of them myself that are always asking for money for things, but really they’ve got to the age where they could be working and earning their own money and don’t need me to be paying for everything.

So, have your kids become leaky holes? Are they wanting to do things all the time that maybe don’t necessarily need to be paid for by you, or maybe they don’t even need to be doing them. Maybe they’re doing too much.

Now, what else can be leaky holes? Leaky holes in your diet, by buying processed muck, or maybe buying lots of take-aways or eating out a lot of the time when it’s not giving you the best nutrition that you need and it’s costing a lot of money as well, so it can create leaky holes in your health as well as your wealth. I’m always going on about having your healthiest and wealthiest life.

What else? Other leaky holes can be sitting watching low-vibe TV, or listening to low-vibe conversations, or bitching, or whinging, or moaning, or being part of those kind of conversations, whether they’re online, offline, on television, or wherever they are. Listening to them on the radio. All of those kinds of things create leaky holes in your time, your energy, and your money.

Leaky holes can happen anywhere in your life. Just have a think at the moment – how many leaky holes have you got in your business, in your body, in your bank balance? Are you sitting on the couch eating junk food in the evening when you could be going out for a lovely big long walk? Are you hopping on the phone for an hour to your sister or your friend complaining about your partner, or listening to them complain about theirs, or complaining about how they don’t have enough money, when really you could be sitting down and creating something in your business?

Where are your leaky holes? Sit down now, with a pen and paper, or open up your notes or something like that online, and I want you to list off at least 10 leaky holes. Think about your body, your business, and your bank balance. Where are your leaky holes? You might end up with 20 or 30 – I think I had about 50 the first time I did this!

When you’ve got at least about 10 of them, I want you to highlight the top three that you’re going to start working on. I want you to start working on three leaky holes. Pick one for your body, one for your business, and one for your bank balance. You’re going to make them your focus for the next two weeks. It may take you a couple of months to get on top of them, so I’d say pick three small things to start with.

Maybe in your body you realise that you are drinking loads of coffee and not enough water, so you realize that there’s a leaky hole there. The way to plug that is to start drinking more water that doesn’t become a leaky hole in your body! Drinking more water and crowding out the coffee a little bit – that could be one.

For your bank balance, it could be that you don’t have any savings accounts, so it might be that you open a savings account and just start putting in even one dollar a week. That will be plugging that leaky hole of not having any savings.

And then your business. Maybe it is that you are in a gazillion Facebook groups, and you’re going to remove yourself from every single group that no longer serves you and is distracting you from what you really need to be doing with your time. Or, it could be that you’re on loads of email lists, and you need to go and unsubscribe. You could use something like to do lots of easy unsubscribing from all of those bright shiny objects that are just creating leaky holes in your business.

So, get to work, and list out as many leaky holes as you can. Pick one from your business, one from your body, and one from your bank balance, and I’d love to know in the comments how you’re doing with plugging your leaky holes so that you can have the abundant and wonderful healthy, wealthy business and life that you desire.

Transform Your Life with Coaching

Is it time to just GET IT DONE? You know what I mean. There is something you have been thinking about, working on, trying to achieve for months, years or even possibly decades.

If you’re sick of procrastinating on your dream life and are ready to finally get what you want, I can help.

Some of the things I help my clients to achieve in my ’90 Days to Done’ program are-:

  • find your life purpose and create a success roadmap
  • loose 15-30 pounds 
  • get a new career
  • find your life purpose
  • create a new business
  • learn how to sell
  • create an online program/membership site/mastermind/eCourse
  • fix your relationship
  • overcome conflicts and learn how to create connected relationships at work/family/friends
  • prepare for pregnancy

I coach in person in my beautiful office in Clonakilty, West Cork and also globally via Skype/phone or conference line. I work 1:1 as well as in groups.

Vintage photo of young woman with colorful balloons in summer field

My next ‘Transform- 90 Days to Done’ group coaching/mastermind program is starting on 13th June. This is an online program with weekly group coaching/mastermind calls (on Wednesdays at 2.30pm EST/7.30pm BST) as well as 6 x 1:1 calls (20 minutes of laser coaching). You will choose your goal during your first 1:1 call and then we get stuck in to get you results. The cost of this life-saving program is €950.

If you’re ready to get a transformation of your current reality then ’90 Days to Done’ is the program to help you. Email me at & put ‘I want to get it done’ in the subject line & we’ll hop on the phone & make sure it’s a good fit for you.

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Let’s GET IT DONE!!!


Healthy Wealthy Woman Part 7

This week I am talking about mapping things out. I was trying to be all very casual about this marathon journey and not follow an official plan. But that wasn’t working! I was worried that I wasn’t out the right stage, so out came the plan. As they say, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’. What do you need to map out in your life?

Healthy Wealthy Woman Marathon Journey Part 6

It’s time for a 10 mile run (walk, run, stroll, jog) on my journey towards running my first (and only) full marathon. Check out how I’m doing on this week’s video.

Healthy Wealthy Woman Marathon Journey Part 5

The journey continues! Even though I am not feeling overly fit or fab at the moment, I am continuing to put one foot in front of the other. This is my 9 mile ‘run’ (run, jog, walk, shuffle…). Next week it will be 10, then I will do a couple of weeks of 8 miles before upping the distance again.

This video was made on my favourite route which goes from my home outside Clonakilty in West Cork, Ireland through Castlefreke Woods to Ownahincha and Longstrand beaches.

And here is the castle you can see in the background of the video-:


Healthy Wealthy Women Marathon Journey Part 4

This week I had to get out of my comfort zone to get out the door for my run!

Healthy Wealthy Woman Marathon Journey Part 3